Talha Shahid

B-6-3 The Park Residence · Bangsar South, Jalan Kerinchi 59200 · tel: I dont own a phone D: · TheCool363@gmail.com

I am 13 years old . I am a year ahead in schooling. I have moved and lived in many countries.

I like to eat.


Junior Web Developer

I am learning how to make a website and have already made a few with and without template but with out a domain. I am on my second day as a coder and am already making this resume.

Since : December 2017

Secondary Prefect

I am a secondary prefect for my school. I am the youngest and shortest prefect of the batch.

Since : December 2016


Ever since i earned how to solve a cube, I have been solving it . I can now sub 35 on it. I own a collection of cubes and can solve them .

Since : June 2015


I can no scope in cr:bo. I have good skils with a sword and have won in 1 v 20 match with a sword. I am rank 64 in phantom forces. I have alot of experiences in various games. 1 v 1 me m8.

Since : a long , long time ago

Jump Street

I can complete the small wall in high performance and perform various tricks such as flips and twists. I can backflip into the foam pit and do a hook shot in the tallest hoop.

Since : May 2014


Wesgreen International School

KG2-3rd grade
I have completed 3 years of formal schooling at this location.

Canty School

3rd grade-4th grade

I have completed 1 year of formal schooling at this location

Asia Pacific International School

5th grade to - 9th grade ( current )

I have completed 4 years of formal schooling at this location.



I can sub-35 in 3x3.


I am a blue belt in taekwondo.


I can do the pancake.


I is larger than average in my midsection.


I got A's every time.


Apart from the above,I also like jumping or trampolining.

Apart from physical activities, I also like gaming. I game for about 2 hours every day with my friends. I also love to read. I have been reading since the 2nd grade.

I also , being american, love playing basketball.I go downstairs to play because there is a hoop and I also play at school and for the school team.

Awards & Certifications

  • Secondary Prefect
  • 6-8th grade scrabble 1st place winner.
  • 97th place in Malaysia Cube Open 2015