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Cheep cool rare item and merchandise up for grab when you shop with us

Awesome Design

Our item follow the trend of the all periods.

Web Security

We have high security on our website, to take care of every item you purchase on our website.

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We have clothings for all ages, all genders,for all seosen and in all size's.







About our company

This is a short story about the strt of our company.

  • 2012-2013

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Our company was only an dream at the start,a dream that which we all thought was impossible.

  • June 2013

    The start Of A Big Adventure

    We start as a few people, and we had a lot of hate from people, people said we should do something else because what we we're doing is just a waste of time but we did'nt care what they said to us

  • December 2014

    Our Business Has Grown Worldwide

    Our business had grown not as we had aspected not only in our nation but worldwide and we also won a lot of awards!

  • January 2015

    This isnt the end this is just only the start of something bigger

    we will not stop now, we will keep on moving forward no matter how many down's there are we will still try to stand back up and make it to the top , untill the end

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Our Amazing Team

Our main team that has been with us all this years since the start of our company.

Alisha Min

Lead Designer

Larry Parker

Paul Shaw

Diana Pertersen

Lead Developer

This are our lead developers in the st business and the people who made our business what it is today.

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