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A social networking platform by Backpackers for Backpackers


Connect with fellow backpackers or with locals within the vicinity.Share insights,stories and tips for a richer story of your own.


Resist the much travelled path that most backpackers traverse. Create your own path and invite others along for great story. If you prefer going solo( pun intended), that's cool too.


Transcend holidays and rise to create stories worth living.


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  • January 2017

    What got us thinking

    Travel is a liberating experience. It becomes scary though if you're a woman. South America was a continent worth exploring but safety was a big concern therefore many women chose not to, especially the ones from the other side of the world

  • August 2017

    Safe travel for all

    How do we make travel accessible to all, especially women? What if we could connect those who travel with the most underused resources of them all? Travellers connecting with other travellers connecting with locals in a space where accountability and safety was taken seriously with the sole purpose of creating meaningful life-worthy stories. The vision had been seen.

  • December 2017

    Backpack Central

    A social networking platform by backpackers for backpackers in order to create great and unique stories worth sharing and living together with people from all walks of life. Connect. Resist. Transcend.

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